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Our aluminum heat sink is used to absorb thermal energy or heat from another object through thermal compounds which are also known as thermally conductive materials. At a relatively high temperature, the heat is absorbed from the object and transferred to the heat sink which has a much larger heat capacity. Being a practical thermal energy solution for both low and high volumes, extruded aluminum heat sink is widely applied for heat radiation of refrigerators, engines, medical devices, lasers, CPUs, etc. These applications are quite helpful in such industries as electronics, medical equipment, industrial manufacturing, household appliance, LED lighting, and military industry, etc.

Aluminum Heat Sink
Aluminum Heat Sink
Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Heat Sink Aluminum Heat Sink

Usually, aluminum heat sink is designed with different lengths, noise levels, speeds, widths, styles, height and weight, and the extruded heat sink is typically made of aluminum alloys as 6061 and 6063. The most popular extruded aluminum heat sink is designed with a flat aluminum base with vertical radiating fins for increased surface area, thus providing better heat dissipation performance.

Extruded aluminum heat sink can both be passive and active. Active heat sink uses power sources such as integrated fans with directed fins and the surface area of the aluminum heat sink can be increased by directing airflow patterns through the fins. Passive one does not use any mechanical components and the heat can be dissipated through convection or transferred through liquid or gas caused by molecular motion.

EAST-CHINA Aluminum Technology Co. Ltd. is a major manufacturer and supplier of aluminum heat sink, located in China. In order to guarantee the product quality, our engineers and technicians use advanced production technologies and adopted precise production equipment. HAIDA aluminum heat sink is characterized by high thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, high heat strength, sound heat dissipating capacity, energy saving, and easy package.

Moreover, due to the electrostatic treatment of its surface, the aluminum heat sink is quite decorative and pleasing in color. After oxidation, aluminum will turn into alumina which can best serve as protective film to avoid further oxidation. Therefore, the aluminum heat sink is free from oxidation corrosion and pollution. In addition, it occupies little space.

Due to reliable quality and competitive prices, EAST-CHINA has established sound partnership with clients from nearly 40 countries and regions including Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Algeria, Canada, Holland, Britain, Germany, etc. If you are interested in our aluminum heat sink or other products like construction aluminum profile, window door aluminum profile, curtain wall aluminum profile, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to working with you.

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