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Square Tube Aluminum Extrusion

EAST-CHINA is a major manufacturer and supplier of square tube aluminum extrusion in China. Our products are characteriazed by superior moisture resistance. Although light in weight, they are quite strong. You will have a better understanding of our products with the following details.

The square tube aluminum extrusion is well weld with proper equipement. It is also easy to drill, machine and saw.

HAIDA square tube aluminum extrusion provides an ideal material soluton for the condtruction of various frames, structures, truck racks, truck beds, trailers, ornamental work, railings, etc.

HAIDA square tube aluminum extrusion is made using superior quality 6063 aluminum which is often called architectural aluminum. There are two reasons for that. First, the surface finish of 6063 aluminum is much smoother than other alloys in the market, and the finish is quite pleasing and perfect for anodizing. Second, the strengh of 6063 aluminum is much less, almost half that of 6061 aluminum, and it is one of the most joinable alloys with high corrosion resistance and good formability.

In addition to square tube aluminum extrusion, we also manufacture construction aluminum profile, aluminum heat sink, etc. Our products are popular among the clients from nearly 40 countries and regions, including Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Algeria, Canada, Holland, Britain and Germany. We hope that you will like our products.

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Company Brief: EAST-CHINA Aluminum Technology Company Limited is a subsidiary of the HAIDA Group, and is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer of aluminum extrusion, located in China. Our primary products include square aluminum tube extrusion, construction aluminum profile, industrial aluminum profile, and curtain wall aluminum profile.