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  • Hex Aluminum Extrusion The thin walled hex aluminum extrusion is made using 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. It can be used to construct a larger honeycomb panel. It is designed into a hex profile for the good of strength and pattern assembly. The wall is produced 0.03" in thickness for lightness and approximately 1.25" cross sectional flat-to-flat.
    The hex aluminum extrusion is usually cut into 1" long short pieces and then is assembled into a honeycomb panel. A carbon fiber panel is built up on the honeycomb skeleton to ensure extreme lightness and high strength, which is typically used in aeronautical applications.
  • I-Beam Aluminum Extrusion I-beam aluminum extrusion is designed to support the board of the formwork, and help reduce the use of timber in the construction. It can be assembled with the main beam through the T slot.
    As a matter of fact, I-beam aluminum extrusion can be used to build any structure and it can ensure that the structure will be perfectly durable for many years. Aluminum alloy is definitely the best in terms of stability and reliability. Although it may cost more than other materials, aluminum I beam lasts longer and will keep your structure standing for a longer time. In order to ensure your vehicles will be safe ...
  • Square Tube Aluminum Extrusion HAIDA square tube aluminum extrusion is made using superior quality 6063 aluminum which is often called architectural aluminum. There are two reasons for that. First, the surface finish of 6063 aluminum is much smoother than other alloys in the market, and the finish is quite pleasing and perfect for anodizing. Second, the strengh of 6063 aluminum is much less, almost half that of 6061 aluminum, and it is one of the most joinable alloys with high corrosion resistance and good formability.
  • Bar Aluminum Extrusion Our company is a major manufacturer and supplier of bar aluminum extrusion in China. To ensure the quality of our products, we have introduced advanced production technologies from abroad. Moreover, we procure raw materials in large quantities to reduce the costs so as to deliver reasonably priced aluminum extrusion to our valued customers. In addition, our company is located beside the Yangtze River which provides us with not only convenient water transportation, but also land and air transportation, and this can help you reduce your transportation costs.
  • Channel Aluminum Extrusion Our company is a major manufacturer and supplier of channel aluminum extrusion in China. The extruded aluminum channels have a square U-shape and sharp edges. They can be applied for lightweight structural and cosmetic applications. We can provide you with channel aluminum extrusion with different thickness and length. All of our products are produced in strict compliance with international standard. If a quality problem is identified in a certain procedure, our quality inspection apartment will immediately inform relevant departments ...
  • Round Tube Aluminum Extrusion Welcome to our site. Our company is a major manufacturer of round tube aluminum extrusion in China. Our products are produced in strict compliance with international standard. As a result, our company has earned certification of ISO9001:2000 international quality system and ISO14001:2004 international environment management system. We can offer to you round tube aluminum extrusion of different thickness and length. Moreover, we can also customize in line with your samples and layouts.
  • Aluminum Profile Extrusion Aluminum profile extrusion is essential for those who want to transform or upgrade their assembly lines rapidly and economically. It is widely applied in customized structures, machine guards, workstations and material handling systems. Also, they are easy for installation and disassembly. Almost any machine can be enhanced by modular aluminum extrusion.
    The aluminum's strength properties are enhanced in the process of extrusion.

Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion refers to aluminum material coming with different sectional shapes, and it can be achieved by hot melting and extruding aluminum bars. It is characterized by high strength, high corrosion resistance, simple assembly, and good durability, etc.

The Production Process of Aluminum Extrusion
There are three main procedures in the process, namely casting, extrusion and coloring. The process of coloring mainly involves the steps of oxidation, electrophoretic painting, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer, etc.
1. Casting is the first procedure of aluminum extrusion production.
(1) Dosing: Raw materials are reasonably mixed with appropriate amounts of alloy elements in accordance with the particular alloy to be produced.
(2) Melting: Pour the well-mixed raw materials into the melting pot and then remove the slag and gas in the melt through degassing, deslagging and refining.
(3) Casting: The melted aluminum liquid will, through a deep well casting system, be cast into round casting rods with different specifications after cooling.
2. Extrusion. The aluminum extrusion is shaped through extrusion.
First, moulds are made according to the sectional design of the products. Second, the heated round casting rods are extruded into different shapes from the moulds by an extruder. Different alloys have different levels of heat treatment. For instance, the strengthening of heat treatment of the aluminum alloy 6063 is completed through and air blast quenching and then artificial aging.
3. Coloring. Here the coloring mainly refers to the process of oxidation.

The surface of aluminum extrusion is not well enough in terms of corrosion resistance. So it needs to be anodized to enhance its corrosion resistance, abrasive resistance and surface artistry.

The Main Steps
(1) Surface pretreatment
In order to get a complete and compact artificial oxidation film, the aluminum extrusion needs to be cleaned with physical or chemical methods. Mirror surface and matte surface can be obtained through mechanical methods too.
(2) Anodization
A layer of film AL203 will come into being after the anodization of the surface under certain technological conditions. The film is compact and porous with strong absorption.
(3) Sealing
The porous oxidation film should be sealed off to be protected aluminum extrusions from pollution. This can also enhance the corrosion resistance and abrasive resistance of the film. Due to its strong absorption before sealed off, the transparent oxidation film can absorb some metal salts from the film holes which will enable the aluminum extrusion to show many colors apart from silver, such as black, bronze, golden and the color of stainless steel.

1. The aluminum extrusion should be moved gently to avoid surface bumps which will affect the artistry.
2. Should be covered with tarpaulin to avoid being affected by rainwater and snow in transportation.
3. The aluminum extrusion should be kept in dry environment where there is plenty of light and better ventilation. Meanwhile, rain, water and snow should be kept out.
4. When stored, the aluminium extrusion should be kept more than 10CM above the ground with a piece of wood under its bottom.
5. Must not be kept together with chemical materials or moist materials.
6. When installed, the aluminum extrusion should be taped with waterproof tape. The frame against the wall should be made from quality cement and sandy soil so as to keep the oxidation film and painting film from being attainted.
7. After being processed into doors and windows, the aluminum extrusion should be cleaned regularly with a clean cloth and neutral detergent.

Packing of aluminium extrusion
Usually, the protective film should be first pasted, then EPE and covered with kraft paper which can help avoid being scuffed or damaged. After being tied up and outer packing, the aluminum extrusion can be packed into boxes. Most of the exported products should be loaded into containers. So the length of containers should be taken into account when packing. And generally, the length of a container is 12M.

Our company is a major manufacturer and supplier of standard aluminum extrusion in China. To ensure the quality of products, our company has adopted advanced production technologies and hired professional engineers and technicians. Our solar panel frame, construction aluminum profile, etc. have gained widespread recognition thus earning certification of the ISO9001:2000 international quality system and ISO14001:2004 international environment management system. As a result, our market continues to expand with our products exported to over 40 countries and regions such as Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Algeria, Canada, Holland, Britain and Germany. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to being at your service.

Other Products
  • Construction Aluminum Profile Good heat preservation
    The PA66 nylon used in our construction aluminum profile passes its low thermal conductivity property to the profile.
    Excellent sound insulation
    The structure of our construction aluminum profile is carefully designed and tightly joined. As the testing results show, our aluminium profile can achieve the sound insulation of 30 decibel.
  • Industrial Aluminum Profile The industrial aluminum profile made using aluminium alloy 6061 is used in various structures that require a certain level of strength, weldability and high corrosion resistance. For example, it can be used for the production of trucks, tower buildings, ships, electric cars, furniture, machinery parts, precision finishing, etc.
    6063 is commonly applied in construction and industrial aluminum profile and irrigation pipelines, and the aluminum extrusions for vehicles, shelves, furniture, railings, etc.
    6005 can be used for industrial aluminium profiles and tubes as well as other structures ...
Company Brief: EAST-CHINA Aluminum Technology Company Limited is a subsidiary of the HAIDA Group, and is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer of aluminum extrusion, located in China. Our primary products include square aluminum tube extrusion, construction aluminum profile, industrial aluminum profile, and curtain wall aluminum profile.