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Aluminum Profile

This page will give you a detailed introduction of aluminum profile.
Aluminum profile refers to aluminum materials with different sectional shapes, and it can be achieved by hot melting and extrusion. Its production process mainly includes casting, extrusion and coloring. And the process of coloring mainly involves the steps of oxidation, electrophoretic painting, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer, etc.

1. Classified by use, the aluminum profile can be classified into four types
(1) Aluminium profile for doors, windows and curtain walls
(2) That for CPU radiators
(3) That for shelves. The main difference between this one and the others lines in the sectional shape. All types are all achieved by hot melting and extrusion process.
(4) That for industrial use. Industrial aluminum profile is mainly applied in automatic machines, skeletons of covering structures and the customized equipment such as pipeline conveyors, hoisters, glue dispensers and inspection equipment. It is most frequently applied in clean room as well as machinery and electronics industry.
2. Classified by aluminum alloy compositions
The aluminum profile can be classified into that of 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061, 6082, 7075, etc. by aluminum alloy compositions among which the series of 6 are most commonly used. The aluminum profiles of different alloys are different in metal ratios. Most of the products are customized in line with the clients' specifications.
3. Classified by the surface treatment, there are anodized, electrophoretic painted, powder sprayed, wooden grain, and polished aluminum profiles.

1. The aluminium profile should be moved gently to avoid surface bumps which will affect the artistry.
2. It should be covered with tarpaulin to avoid being affected by rainwater and snow in transportation.
3. The aluminum profile should be kept in dry environment where there is plenty of light and better ventilation. Meanwhile, rain, water and snow should be kept out.
When stored, it should be kept more than 10CM above the ground with a piece of wood under its bottom, and it must not be kept together with chemical materials or moist materials.
4. When installed, the aluminum profile should be taped with waterproof tape. The frame against the wall should be made from quality cement and sandy soil so as to keep the oxidation film and painting film from being attainted.
5. After being processed into doors and windows, the aluminum profile should be cleaned regularly with a clean cloth and neutral detergent.

EAST-CHINA is a major manufacturer and supplier of aluminum profile in China. Our aluminium profiles are characterized by high strength, high stability, high corrosion resistance, high fire resistance, long service life, non-pollution, etc. They are widely applied in many industrial products such as solar related products, containers, cylinder systems, accessories of vehicles, textile machines, hardware mechanical and electrical accessories, radiators and oil pipelines. Our products have been widely popular among the clients from nearly 40 countries and regions including China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Algeria, Canada, Holland, Britain, Germany, etc. If you would like to know more about our products and service, please turn to the corresponding pages of solar panel frame, solar panel mounting, aluminum processing, etc. We are looking forward to cooperating with you. Thank you.

Main Products
  • Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile We can also provide you with curtain wall aluminum profile with the function of energy saving, such as frame curtain wall, hidden frame curtain wall, etc.
    The curtain wall profiles can be applied for exterior decorations of industrial buildings, villas, etc.
    Characterized by easy cleaning, energy-saving and good air-tightness.
    Designed with a simple structure, our curtain wall aluminum profile is easy to install.
    Our high technological machines can fully guarantee a good quality.
  • Aluminum Heat Sink Our aluminum heat sink is used to absorb thermal energy or heat from another object through thermal compounds which are also known as thermally conductive materials. At a relatively high temperature, the heat is absorbed from the object and transferred to the heat sink which has a much larger heat capacity. Being a practical thermal energy solution for both low and high volumes, extruded aluminum heat sink is widely applied for heat radiation of refrigerators, engines, medical devices, lasers, CPUs, etc. These applications are quite helpful in such industries as electronics, medical equipment, industrial manufacturing, household appliance ...
Company Brief: EAST-CHINA Aluminum Technology Company Limited is a subsidiary of the HAIDA Group, and is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer of aluminum extrusion and aluminum profile, located in China. Our primary products include solar panel frame, square and round aluminum tube extrusion, industrial aluminum profile, and curtain wall aluminum profile.